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Successful leaders seek experts to help guide business growth. urHRteam is your solution!

Assisting small to mid-sized businesses and entrepeneurs with high-level decisions, superior profit earnings and beating the competition; an engagement with urHRteam.com Associates will bring you:

  • Confidence that you are 'employment compliant' so as to ensure you meet the minimum standards to protect against a Ministry of Labour audit. 
  • A road-map for ensuring you have top talent at the right time to accentuate your growth.  Coupled with custom solutions for owning your culture and improving engagement, this will equip your teams to accelerate your growth and improve your ROI.
  • Proven one-to-one leadership coaching and guidance to enhance alignment of your senior team.
  • Don't risk your business with harassment issues.  We offer full service harassment, sexual harassment training and also conduct bias-free harassment investigations.